Assembly Victory Center

An international full gospel fellowship where both English and Swedish is a natural part of our gatherings. Where many nationalities are integrated into a warm community for the whole family, with worship, prayer and the word as the core of our faith in Jesus Christ. .

Love God, love people and His mercy

A motto of the Victory Center which we try to live by, and desire shall characterize all activities through the church where God may be number one but also we can show people God's mercy, just as he has shown his for us. In a highly international environment where many different cultures meet, we wish that Jesus is at the center of that in him there are answers to difficult questions of today. That we all have full recovering, healing, deliverance and forgiveness on his cross where our debt once and for all is nailed. In his blood, we are cleansed and put together with Christ in heavenly places, let us walk in his footsteps and be His disciples.

Victory Center Arkiv

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Victory Center International Revival Church, Helsingborg, Sverige

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