About Us

Love God, love people and mercy

A living church for you as a believer to grow as a disciple of Jesus to service and everyday life. Where the message of the cross is central to the believer's restoration and salvation for a hike in sanctification.

Vision and goals

Proclaim the message of the cross for salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit's gifts of grace, miracles and management. A living church is a spiritual home for its members with a comprehensive view of the whole person (body, soul and spirit). Who are actively practicing disciples to live a victorious Christian life in everyday life and to serve both locally and in the mission internationally. An activity based on the Word of God as the foundation of everything we do.

Assembly purpose are:

• That local drive an assembly with the motto: "Love God, love people and love mercy." In a personal atmosphere colored by community and a multicultural environment where everyone should experience their own needs for meeting advanced in a positive way. Where meetings with praise and teaching has a central role in the personal edification of faith.

• To regularly conduct church services and collections in the church premises and in home groups, house churches.

• Through the haem and various outposts see growth in the congregation and that new people are added to the Assembly's work.

• To pursue an active child and youth activities where we want to give the younger generation a positive and stable foundation to build their lives on with the strength and certainty of faith that God is willing and able to work through them.

• To actively pursue discipleship through Bible school, team travel and training by small groups, with the aim of getting people into God's call.

• Working for a positive intigration of people from different countries.

• To be actively evangelizing parish in our local environment and regional

• Running a mission in Sweden and internationally, where we want to support local pastors and promotions and to keep evangelical campaigns in-house.

• To actively plant new churches.

International Revival Church IRC

Assembly Victory Center is a sister church with other IRC congregations belonging to the religious community International Revival Church. A community of free and independent congregations and organizations that preach the full gospel message. Where the whole Word of God constitutes the foundation, in spreading the gospel and train disciples.


Trosamfundet IRC is a full evangelistic organization founded on the Word of God as the highest authority, with the desire to see people enabled to function in the Spirit's gifts and ministry gifts in accordance with God's Word. We believe that Jesus Christ (the Messiah) was born of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit came to save and give us a living way to the Father and eternal life through His death on the corset. On the corset became Jesus' work completed to full redemption, health, relief and redress for everyone than who believe in Him, Jesus Christ the son of God. Our debt is nailed to the corset with Christ who died because of our sins and iniquities, a victim who is God acceptable and perfect. Where we in baptism (adult baptism) profess his death and resurrection free from sin and to live in holiness as dead from sin and that we are set with him in the heavenly and received the Holy Spirit as a pledge of the inheritance, the life eternal with the Father. That here and now we live so that his disciples and followers to spread the good news to make more disciples. Who preach the message of the cross to full redress for everyone who believes.


Assembly Pastors Tommy M. and Andrea M. Josefsson, who is also the founder of the Victory Center and International Revival Church. Simultaneously with the congregation, they are also the parents of four wonderful boys from four to thirteen years. They have previously worked actively with Christian television and media, and mission.

Victory Center was started in autumn 2012 and is now central to the whole business that stretches out across the north-west Scania. Previously held regular meetings and campaigns in Helsingborg by Nordic TV missionary in collaboration with Zion Church since the fall of 2008. But already in 2005 startdes channel 10 Sweden / Denmark broadcasting here in Helsingborg, before the business was concentrated in Helsingor Denmark.

Children & Youth

Under the leadership of Anna Alamadine operated an active child labor, child meetings, drama and dans.Viktigt that there is a place for all ages and especially the children in the Victory Center is allowed to take place.

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Victory Center International Revival Church, Helsingborg, Sverige

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